Decotrust Lda focuses its attention on a rapidly growing market– importation, exportation and components commercialisation in moulding industry.

Understanding what is happening in the markets and how this relates to the products we offer and how they are sold is crucial. For this reason, our success is rooted in the professionalism and experience of an experienced team that’s able to manage and understand each client’s unique requirements and to find the most appropriate solution that matches their expectations.

Our main goal is establishing a leading position in the moulding industry. With this in mind, Decotrust is committed to providing customer service to the highest standards. We work every day to provide you with quality products, researching new and effective materials and keeping our catalogue up-to-date.

It is our conviction that customer satisfaction is the key success factor to improve productivity, competitiveness and profitability. Working alongside our customers and partners, our singular focus on generating superior long-term results for our clients has been the bed-rock of our own growth. We want to be our customers’ best business partner.